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Tamid is a synagogue membership organization and everyone is welcome.

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Membership brings you meaningful community connections, with High Holiday Services and outings, adult learning classes, family programs, lively and inspiring monthly Shabbat gatherings and dinners, Tamid Arts and events, holiday celebrations, Tamid Online programs and more. We support your personal and family life cycle events and milestones. All of this is part of your membership at Tamid.

And your membership brings Tamid Westchester to life.

Membership is required for participating in our Hebrew School and is 100% tax deductible.

**Membership and Hebrew School Enrollment is open**
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While the gift of being part of Tamid Westchester is truly priceless, it takes resources to do all that we do. Your philanthropic support, coming from membership support and other donations, is what makes Tamid possible. Here are our membership support levels:

  • Family Membership (2 adults and children): $3100
  • Family Membership (1 adult and children): $2500
  • Couple Membership (2 adults): $2500
  • Individual or student-only Membership (1 person): $1325
  • Distance Membership $180 (for those living outside the Westchester area)
  • Meyuchad (Special) Memberships: For those who can, you may choose membership support at an enhanced level to provide additional and needed support to the Tamid Westchester Community.
    • Kesher (Connection) Membership: $5,000
    • Ruach (Spirit) Membership: $10,000
      • Both Kesher & Ruach members will be recognized through a sponsorship at a communal holiday or Shabbat gathering.

2022-23 Hebrew School: in-person and on-line

  • Membership is required to enroll in the Hebrew School
  • Grades K-2: $1200
  • Grades 3-5: $1425
  • Grade 6 Pre-Mitzvah: $1650
  • Grade 7 Bar/Bat Mitzvah program: $2100
  • Grades 8-12, Teen Mitzvah Corps + DHAP : $1145
  • Grades 8-12, Teen Mitzvah Corps only: $900
  • DHAP Teen Hunger Action Project only: $525
  • Private B’nai Mitzvah Training: $3600

Read our privacy policy and our cancellation/refund policy

Thank you for being a part of Tamid Westchester.

Payment Methods
Tamid accepts payment via all major credit cards, ACH, checks, and Zelle.

Please contact our office with any questions about payment methods at

Important Information

1. Students in the B’nai Mitzvah (7th grade) and Pre-Mitzvah (6th grade) classes must be
enrolled at the family membership level (two-parent or single-parent family level).

2. Please consider adding additional family members (i.e. grandparents, aunts, uncles,
siblings, etc., as “auxiliary members”) to your family membership for $180 each. We
value intergenerational family activity and want to support the “whole family.”

3. Children who have completed the B’nai Mitzvah program and have their
ceremony in the following year do not need to re-enroll in Hebrew School. In this
situation, your family only needs to maintain your family membership.

4. We invite individuals and couples that join our online programs to become official members so that we may continue to serve your Jewish life needs.

5. Hebrew School grades K-7 are offered both in-person (Tuesdays) and
virtually online (Thursdays). Mitzvah Corps for grades 8-12 will meet Wednesday