Hebrew School

Dear Friends,

Tamid welcomes you and your family to our Hebrew School. We offer three learning options for our K-7 students: in-person, on-line, or both.* We stress the importance of community service, caring for others, Jewish values, holidays, Shabbat, history, prayer, and Hebrew. We welcome all students of every background to join our school.

**Enrollment is Open!!!**
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In-Person Program: Students attend one-day per week and group classes are 90-minutes in length.  Our open classroom and project based learning model allows students of all educational backgrounds to study and learn together and highlights of our year include field trips and youth group events. In-person classes will meet on Tuesdays at Generations Meeting House, starting on September 20th.


Online Hebrew School: Students and teachers meet once per week in their zoom groups and sessions are 50-minutes in length. Students are expected to spend an additional 30-minutes in their Tamid Online learning portal to prepare for class. Tamid Online classes meet on Thursday afternoons starting in the Fall, 2021. click to learn more.


Private B’nai Mitzvah Program: Our 2-year program matches your child with a Tamid faculty member and our rabbi to prepare them – and your family – for a Bar/Bat Mitzvah ceremony. In certain cases, this can be accelerated over one academic year. This is a wonderful option for individual students or small groups of friends or family.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our
school and our program by reading our website, watching our student videos, and viewing our Tamid Online School portal. Please be in touch with me and our school faculty if you have any questions.

Best Tamid wishes and thank you,

Rabbi Scott