Hebrew at Home

Learning Hebrew is Easy!

You’ll be able to find everything you need to study Hebrew at home on this page. If you ever need help, send us  an e-mail and we’ll get right back to you. school@tamidwestchester.org

1. Login to your online Hebrew Learning Center and follow these steps for Alef Bet Quest or Kol Yisrael.

2. Are you getting ready to take a Hebrew Check-in with a teacher? Here are the materials you need to succeed:

GROUP ONE: Final Check-in for Alef Bet Quest
Download theFinal Check-Intext for practice.
Read along with the audio for practice:

Box 1, Final Check-in

Box 2, Final Check-in

GROUP TWO: Final Check-in for Kol Yisrael I
Download the “Kol Yisrael Final Check-In” text for practice.

Box 1, Final Check-in

Box 2, Final Check-in

Box 3, Final Check-in

GROUP THREE: Check in for Kol Yisrael II, Lessons 1-4.

Download the “Kol Yisrael II, Lessons 1-4 Check-In” text for practice.

Box 1, Kol Yisrael II

Box 2, Kol Yisrael II

Box 3, Kol Yisrael II

GROUP FOUR:  Check-in for Alef Bet Quest, Lessons 1-14
Download the “Alef Bet Quest, Lessons 1-14 Check-In” text for practice.

Box 1, Alef Bet Quest

Box 2, Alef Bet Quest

Box 3, Alef Bet Quest

GROUP FIVE: Shalom U’vracha Check-in, lessons 1-12
Download the “Shalom U’vracha Check-in, lessons 1-12 Check-In” text for practice.

Box 1, Shalom U’vracha

Box 2, Shalom U’vracha

GROUP 6: Alef Bet Quest Check-In for Lessons 1-7
Download the “Lesson 1-7 Check-in” text for practice.
Listen to each section and read along for practice:

Box 1, Lesson 1-7 Check-in

Box 2, Lesson 1-7 Check-in

Box 3, Lesson 1-7 Check-in

Box 4, Lesson 1-7 Check-in