Adult Learning

Courses for Adults

We are intellectually curious at Tamid. In 2022-23, Tamid will offer one weekly course, and three mini-courses, each six-weeks in length. All members are invited to study in our Jewish Studies Courses for adults. We are offering a range of courses on a host of topics. These classes are crafted at an introductory level with intellectual sophistication. Please contact our office to enroll or for more information

Those interested in joining the Adult Bar/Bat/B. Mitzvah cohort are invited to complete five courses within a two-year cycle. Questions? Ask Rabbi Scott.

Fall 2022: Ideas of Judaism and Modern Spiritual Life with Rabbi Darren Levine
This course will explore modern ideas of Jewish life including holidays and living a life of meaning.
Tuesdays, Oct. 11 – Nov. 15, 7:30-8:30 PM Online

Winter 2023: Introduction to Hebrew with Christina Broussard
Everyone can read Hebrew! In six-weeks, you will learn how to identify and make the sound of each Hebrew Letter.
Tuesdays, Jan. 10 – Feb. 14, 7:30-8:30 PM Online

Spring 2023: 3000 Year Arc of Jewish History with Rabbi Scott Weiner
This course will cover the major episodes of Jewish History from the Biblical era to Modernity. 
Tuesdays, Mar. 14 – Apr. 25*, 7:30-8:30 PM Online
*No class on April 4


Weekly Talmud Study

The Talmud is the central rabbinic work of our ancestors. Its study has sustained our people across time and place. It is also an on-going conversation that began thousands of years ago. All are welcome to join this 2000 year old conversation, as we use the Talmud to explore all aspects of Jewish life, Jewish values, and Jewish history.

Fridays, via Zoom, 9-10am
Want to join? Have questions? Email Rabbi Scott.

Conversion to Judaism 

Converting to Judaism is a wonderful and important step in a person’s life and we welcome you to undergo your conversion process with Tamid. We invite you to meet with Rabbi Scott to discuss your path to Judaism, you can reach him here.