Tamid Curious?

I Want To Try Tamid!

Who are we?

Tamid is a group of people who want a meaningful Jewish community that is open and warm and fits the lives of families in the 21st Century. Tamid’s Judaism is joyous. It welcomes you with open arms and invites you into the Jewish life that is just right for you. You’ll love it here.


What do we do?

We do all the important things that a Jewish community should do: we gather together for sacred times, like Shabbat and holidays, and we do it with food, friends, amazing music, and a sense of spirituality you don’t find most places. We educate our children and ourselves with enlightening programs and an engaging school. Adults are constantly expanding their minds and our kids leave our school giggling and smiling, arm in arm. We’re also making the world a better place each day through our service to others.


How do you do it?

Simply put: we do it all differently. We take it as a given that you want your Judaism without any fuss or complications and you do want it with happiness, joy, and creativity. We often worship outdoors in nature. Every gathering includes food, beverages, and schmoozing. People at Tamid are open to meeting new people and welcoming others into their lives. We’re all about people.


Can I try out Tamid?

Oh, yes, we’re here for you! You are welcome to join us for any Shabbat gathering, our High Holy Days, a “get to know you dinner,” adult learning, or anything else we do! Rabbi Scott would love to have a cup of coffee or glass of wine with you; just let him know. The doors of Tamid are open to you; come on in!

I Want To Try Tamid!