Tamid U – Our College Program

College is major transition where young people face complex questions about their personal, political, and religious identity. Tamid makes sure that we do our part to stay in touch with our college kids and be their Jewish anchor as they sail through college and beyond. Tamid U supports our college students throughout their university years in several important ways:

  1. We send care packages during the holidays of Hanukkah and Passover.
  2. We help make connections for internships and jobs with the incredibly diverse and successful adult members at Tamid.
  3. Rabbi Scott stays in touch with each college student while they are away and at home.

In return, we ask that you be part of our network of college students on campus that will host Tamid high school students during their college tours on your campus.

Please keep the Tamid office up to date with your on-campus address so we can mail you fun holiday packages and stay in touch with you during the year: connect@tamidwestchester.org. We love our college students!